Dead Pilot Whales

By Florida’s coast lines, pilot whales have been reported dead. It has been said that 25 pilot whales are dead, according to boaters. These whales have appeared on the southwest coast. Blair Mase from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration stranding coordinator, reports that the whales have been found on Kice Island, south of Naples, and close by Marco Island. They were first seen on Sunday and they have determined that these whales have been there for approximately 24 hours. The cause of the whale’s deaths has not been identified. The article states that the whales were discovered two days after eight other whales were discovered dead which, was near Lovers Key. Also, a month ago, about 50 whales were found dead as they were suck in the Everglades. Pilot says “Pilot whales are susceptible to mass standings.” The reasoning behind this is that, these whales are reluctant to leaving a sick whale.

-Gabriella Vazquez-

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