Polar Bears Hunt on Land as Ice Shrinks

Scientists have found polar bears are now shifting to more land-based food, because of climate change and the melting ice caps. According to the study done at Hudson Bay, polar bears were shown to be more slightly flexible when dealing with climate change than was previously assumed. They were found to be eating snow geese, eggs and caribou. Even though, polar bears usually eat seals or other marine mammals. When the ice melts they eat mushrooms or berries. Yet, the reduction of the ice sheets are disrupting their hunting patterns and they are now a threatened species. It is unclear whether the new food can compensate for the calories lost from the seals, especially since the bears need it for hibernation. It’s also unclear if it will improve the population of polar bears. Overall, scientists overall see no logic in pushing the polar bears to areas that clearly don’t support such large animals, just because people refuse to address the issue.


– Sean Sabogal –

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