Severe Drought in the West

              A severe drought has swept California and threatens the state’s water supply. 40,000 people are at risk of losing water supply in the next 60 to 120 days. The state officials predict that the number will increase in the next months because the State Water Project states they did not have declining water supplies to local agencies due to the high demand. It has been reported that state reservoir levels are lower in California than they were at this time in 1977 and state officials are executing an emergency plans. “We are on track for having the worst drought in 500 years,” said B. Lynn Ingram, a professor of earth and planetary sciences at the University of California, Berkeley. They claimed that drinking water will soon have to be imported by trucks to these water-depressed communities. Also, they state that more wells will have to be drilled to get groundwater. Water is in high demand and they are willing to do anything to obtain water from there citizens. Lastly, the concluded that they must regulate water and enforce water conservation on homeowners and businesses. They have already been asked to reduce their water supplies by 20 percent.

             Due to the drought, the whole region is being affected. People are parched, livestock are suffering, and smog has emerged. Also, farmers have given up on planting. Due to the poor air conditions, schools have been using flags to regulate when the kids should play indoors rather than out.  Karen Magliano, assistant chief of the air quality planning division of the state’s Air Resources Board states “One of the concerns is that as concentrations get higher, it affects not only the people who are most susceptible, but healthy people as well.”  This is why it’s very important to take climate change seriously. Also, fishing and camping in most of California has been banned. This is to protect endangered salmon. There is a large demand of water of growers of medical marijuana. They state they need about six gallons per day during a 150-day period. Due to the lack of water, they are turning to down streams where salmon and various endangered fish species produce offspring. Lastly, without rain, pollution in Los Angeles basin has reached a dangerous level.  Officials have instructed homeowner to not burn wood in there fireplaces.  The impact of this drought has been severe on all aspects of life.  

 -Gabriella Vazquez-

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