Global Warming Freezes Penguin Chicks

The article talks about the new dangers for the penguin chick. They usually are in danger from predators or not having enough food, but now they have to deal with climate change. The research for this information was done for over thirty years on a specific penguin colony. They found that increased rainfall and extreme heat due to climate change are killing chicks. Down-covered chicks are too big to receive their parent’s protection from the harsh weather, but are not old enough to have waterproof feathers. During storms these penguins get soaked because the water touches the skin and they die of hypothermia. They can’t protect themselves from the heat waves either, because in order to cool down they would have to jump in the water, which wouldn’t work without their feathers. Chicks that struggle to find food have even more trouble with this. And since more storms are appearing during their breeding season, more deaths are expected.

– Sean Sabogal –

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