Nuclear Waste Solution Seen in Desert Salt Beds

                 In the vast deserts of New Mexico, where countless nuclear tests are performed, scientists have recently discovered a way to dispose of all the nuclear waste generated from various laboratories and military projects. They found that if you put the boxes under the dry salt fields, then the salt will slowly enclose the crates forever, therefore making it harmful to no one. What’s not normal is the fact that it is normal salt, the type you could eat, but it behaves differently around nuclear waste, attracted to it for some reason. It has received local support, but people are still skeptical. They have already excavated massive holes to bury the waste under, and will keep doing so. One senator from the area however is opposed to the idea. He argues that the land is also rich in oil and can be used as a place for fracking. Fracking, which has aroused some controversy recently in the media, is when a drill drills into a shell rock for fossil fuels, which before was unreachable. The senator thinks that if they bury all of the waste there, then they will have covered a vast area of possible oil.

 -Gabriella Vazquez-

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