Beijing Takes Steps to Fight Pollution as Problem Worsens

Danielle Tobin

This article was about how bad Beijing’s pollution has gotten and what is being done to fix this. The thick smog in the city has gotten so bad that over 100 factories were shut down and one-third of government vehicles were ordered off the streets, according to official news reports. The US Protection Agency said that it was unsafe for people to go outdoors due to the conditions. The Chinese have recognized this problem and are doing many things to try and solve it. Mr. Wang told the legislature on Jan. 22 that the Beijing government was aiming to cut the density of major air pollutants by 2 percent this year. To that end, officials are ordering 180,000 older vehicles off the roads, promoting the use of “clean energy” for government vehicles and heating systems, and growing trees over 250 square miles of land in the next five years, Xinhua reported.

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