Severe Flood Warnings in England

                   Recently the Thames has flooded and sever flood warning have been announced to people who live only seventeen miles outside of London. The massive floods have already killed 2 people, a 7 year old boy who got sick in a flooded home, and a kayaker. The people blame the government for being so unprepared, and the government is blaming different branches as to whose fault it is. Londoners have started to get a little worried since the flood ran all the way to the M25, which is a road surrounding London. According to the national weather service, this has been the rainiest season in over 248 years.  Not only did it flood houses, but it also tore up a train track. Over 5,000 houses have been damaged since December. It does not seem to be letting up either, rainstorms continued this week all around the Thames.

 -Gabriella Vazquez-

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