Questions as More Wastewater Flows in North Carolina


An energy company in North Carolina, named Duke Energy, has come under scrutiny by the state government. They are accused of dumping toxic waste into a North Carolina river. Duke Energy says it was pumping the waste into ponds already full of waste, however, it looks more like it is a canal that leads to the river. Last month, Duke came under fire for accidently leaking a huge amount of coal ash into the river. That spill was the third largest in history. Environmentalists are saying that Duke is pumping it’s ponds now to lower their costs, and to avoid the state looking in to how it is dumping its waste. Duke is writing all of this off as routine maintenance, which is a loophole they are using through the state law, but the head of the water keeper alliance, an agency that advocates for the protection of public waterways, says that this is all a cover up, and that in fact it is a federal crime.

-Gabriella Vazquez-

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