Up to one third of honeybee colonies dies per year in Europe

The first major Europe-wide survey of honeybee colonies have found that up to one-third of the colonies are lost every winter. In recent years, bumblebee population decline has received large public attention. Parasites, insecticide use and changed farming practices are to blame. The European Union Reference Laboratory did the study, and found that in 7 out of the 17 member states exceeded the acceptable death rate of 15%. But some researches say the acceptable death rate should be 10%, which would make two thirds of the countries studied to have unacceptable death rates. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture showed that the United States had a colony death rate of 31% and has exceeded 30% for five of the past seven years, so it is a way bigger problem here. In Europe, according to University of Reading in the UK, one-quarter of all European honeybees are threatened with extinction but the death rates are slowing down. This is because of good research and political intervention, such as planting new flowers, so Europe is on the right track.


– Sean Sabogal –

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