Forty-Four Years of Earth

Earth day started in 1970, when everyone had doomsday predictions. The first rallies were to warn people of overpopulation, a deforested planet, hundreds of starving people and a new Ice Age or the new greenhouse effects. Today, climate change has become a prime concern of environmentalists and governments. Here is an overview of how the world has changed since 44 years ago. We breathe cleaner air, for example air pollution in the once smog filled Los Angeles has dropped from 0.58 ppm to 0.151 ppm. Gasoline powered cars are more fuel efficient, like in 1970 the average per car was 13.5 mpg, now it’s 22.6 mpg. Fossil fuels per capita has dropped from $14.7 million in 1970 to $18.9 million today, but the economy and population have also climbed so it’s not bad numbers. In 1970, Americans produced 3.3 pounds of trash a day, most of it ending up in landfills, now Americans produce 4.4 pounds of trash a day but only 54% of it goes to landfills, the rest is recycled, composted or burned. Rivers no longer burn, and animal life is growing in those rivers again. The bald eagle is now also back, the population has grown by 10 times. The main problem is that there is still CFCs and the planet is getting warmer since 1970.

– Sean Sabogal –

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