U.S. Climate Has Already Changed

Rising temperatures

When most people hear climate change, they think of the future, and how it might impact the earth later on. However, scientists have found that the U.S. climate has already changed, they are citing floods and heat, these two events have increased over the past few years. With the temperature increasing two degrees in some areas. Summers are now longer and hotter, and winters are colder. Alaska seems to be the hardest hit, because of its abundance of glaciers. They are melting, and they are melting at a very fast rate. Recent studies show that the country has been receiving more precipitation especially on the eastern side. The new climate change has allowed certain types of insects to reproduce at an exponential rate, such as the mountain pine beetle, which is now devastating the trees in the west. Also, over the past half-century, the proportion of precipitation that is falling in very heavy rain events has jumped by 71 percent in the Northeast, by 37 percent in the Midwest and by 27 percent in the South. Although the West may be heating up because of climate change, the southern states are cooling, Alabama has seen temperatures go down about a degree on average, and Florida hasn’t heated up by much, except for here in Miami, where temperatures have risen on average 2+ degrees over the past few years.

-Gabriella Vazquez-


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