Flood Danger Persists in Serbia, Threatening Power Plant


Danielle Tobin


       The rain finally stopped but the people in Serbia are still in a lot of danger. A lake of water is pushing its way down the Sava River, toward the Danube, threatening the capital, Belgrade, and the power plant southwest of the city that provides half of the nation’s electricity. Workers have been trying to build a barricade of sandbags to save the coal-fired Nikola Tesla power plant and so far they have been successful. Thousands of people have already been evacuated out of dozens of towns and villages and many have been left without power or drinkable water.

       This has been the worst flooding Serbia and Bosnia had seen since records began to be kept 120 years ago. 300,000 people were already without water or electricity in Serbia, and another 50,000 in neighboring Bosnia. 100,000 buildings in that country — homes, schools, hospitals — had been rendered unusable by the flooding, and a half million people had either been evacuated or fled. At least 35 people have been killed from the flooding, and they expect to find more. “The consequences of the floods are terrifying,” Mr. Lagumdzija told reporters. “The physical destruction is not less than caused by the war. The only difference from the war is less people have died.”

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