Glaciers Continue to Melt at Record Speed


Scientists that are studying the glaciers all over the world are all consistently finding that the glaciers are melting at a much faster pace than originally thought. They predict that within the next couple centuries the whole west Antarctic ice sheet will have melted, causing a four-foot rise in the oceans around the world. Although some glaciers are staying the same, almost all the glaciers in the world are melting, and this seems to be definitive evidence that global warming is truly affecting earth right now, and is not just a thing of the future. As ice melts, the sea rises and disrupts the environment even more. If there were to be a full melt, as with the period after the last ice age, the sea would rise 215 feet, which would spell doom for the biggest cities in the country. Scientists warn that greenhouse gases need to be contained now, or we risk more damage. The article states that the scientists have stated that the melting will keep going due to the heat-trapping of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases. They say that even if carbon dioxide stabilizes, the melting of glaciers will not stop for decades.

Reflection: It is proven that the melting of glaciers changes and alters the ocean. It increases the global sea level which not only affects our oceans but, it affects our environment. Organisms in these areas are highly affected, on land and in the water. 

Glaciers can be considered the most visible clue that global warming is occurring today. A loss of glaciers will alter the climate patterns on Earth and it will affect our whole biosphere. I believe we need to put in effort to save our Earth and try to slow down the process of melting of glaciers. Everything in this world is connected and we must make sure we are making the right choices to lead our Earth in the the direction. We must save our environment. We must save our home. 

-Gabriella Vazquez-

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