Flood Danger to Power Plant in Serbia by Sammy Chugani

Flood Danger to Power Plant in Serbia by Sammy Chugani

The flooding of a Lake heading towards the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade is extremely dangerous. It is extremely dangerous because it poses a huge threat to the power plant that provides half of the nation’s electricity. Thousands of people have already left the town that is submerged in water. For the people that remain in the city, they are waiting in their homes without power or drinkable water. The government is trying hard to solve this issue, or even suppress it for the time being. They flew out hundreds of citizens by helicopter on Monday. The effects of this flood on the country are horrific. 100,000 buildings in that country, including homes, schools, and hospitals are unusable due to the flooding. In addition, and a half million people had either been evacuated or fled. 35 people have been killed by the flooding, and more bodies were expected to be revealed by the retreating waters, which were exposing a vast landscape of mud, shattered homes, and debris of the country’s infrastructure. Not only is this flooding detrimental to the country in terms of electricity and usable water, it has also torn apart homes, killed many citizens, and caused many to flee. 

-Sammy Chugani

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