How to (Try to) make it rain

redirect lightning

There are five current ways that humans can control the weather. First, is seeding the sky. Seeding the sky involves releasing a bunch of silver iodide into the sky which is done by flares attached to the wings of a plane. Once those silver iodide particles get in the clouds, they collide with supercooled water and form ice, which falls to the ground melting along the way. Another is China’s massive weather-modification program that includes 5,000 rocket launchers that fire particles into the clouds to draw rain. The third way is done by an Abu Dhabi company called Meteo Systems that used electrified umbrella shaped towers to send negatively charge particles into the air increasing the chance that supercooled droplets will collide with freezing nuclei, becoming rain.The fourth is by the French which uses hail cannons to save their fruit from storm damage. Every few seconds a chamber in the cannon fires a loud boom into the air which is said to break the ice before it reaches the ground, not much evidence supports it though. Another one redirects lightning by taking a long wire, tying one end to the ground and the other to a rocket launched into a storm. More recent research at the University of Arizona involves high intensity lasers redirecting lightning like this.

– Sean Sabogal –

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