Worries turn to Disease as waters recede in Balkans


Rain has been hitting in Balkans Serbia now for 5 days, raising flood levels to an astonishing level. Police officers of the city have been evacuating townspeople into nearby shelters or evacuation centers. With the rise of temperatures Health Prime Minister, Zlatibor Loncar worries that concerns will be shifted to the possible outbreak of disease. Contaminated water has covered the city. Therefore, spreading toxic chemicals on homes, towns, and fields. Loncar fears epidemic outbreaks such as intestinal ailments, respiratory infections, skin disease and many others might surface. To prevent another flooding, the Serbian military chief of staff is reinforcing a 15-mile sandbag wall outs de Sabac.


Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/20/world/europe/flood-danger-persists-in-serbia-threatening-power-plant.html?ref=earth&_r=0

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