Surprise Blizzard, Avalanches Kill Hikers in the Himalayan Mountains.

By: Maria Vargas

October 15th, 2014

Avalanches in Nepal’s Himalayan Mountains have killed hikers in a popular hiking region. The Nepalese Tourism Ministry reported 23 dead bodies, including tourists. Nepal’s Thorung La route has the highest death toll with the highest point being at 17,770 feet. 250 hikers have been reported to go through this route and the route is considered a “trap” to experts. The Tourism Ministry states that they will send more helicopters and rescuers tomorrow to search for missing hikers in affected sites.

The Annapurna circuit is popular with inexperienced hikers, who come in herds to the region during October. Six months before, an avalanche in that circuit killed 16 mountain workers. Everest workers were involved in helping hikers go through Everest, only if those hikers would pay them well. On the other hand, the Annapurna circuit, approximately 200 miles west of Everest, is a much less demanding hike that attracts a wide range of tourist around the world.

Unexpected heavy snowstorm fell upon the Annapurna range. “Unexpected snow brings unexpected avalanches.” When there is a heavy snowfall with wind snow, you are increasing the chances of avalanches to occur.

After the blizzard, heavy rains followed which affected Nepal and India earlier in the week, triggering a Cyclone, which killed at least eight people.

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