Polar Vortex

By: Alyssa Pino

The Polar Vortex is actually a rotating cold mass of air at the North Pole that has recently shifted southward causing unusual low temperatures across the North American continent. This polar vortex is causing the northern artic to warm up twice as fast as the south (United States). The temperature difference between the artic and the U.S. is shrinking which is causing the polar vortex to weaken which makes the air wavier. This may cause the air in the south to become unseasonably colder. The polar vortex is a good thing because its winds form a boundary that keeps the cold air contained and prevents us from freezing. When the vortex breaks down, a powerful blast of artic air can travel far south which causes the temperatures in places that don’t have such cold winters, for temperatures to drop. The polar vortex might be shocking to most of us, but cold breaks caused by cracks in the vortex has happened recently throughout the years. For example, in January of 1985 and January of 2014, the northern polar vortex had many cracks and bends which caused the polar air to push south into the eastern United States. If the polar vortex were to dramatically change the temperatures in states like Florida, there would be many economic problems that would affect agriculture.

Below is a map of the current polar vortex and temperatures.usa

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