The World’s Most Endangered Marine Mammal

By: Maria Vargas

Published: Dec 10th, 2014

The world’s most endangered marine mammal is the Vaquita, which lives off the Gulf of Mexico. Studies have shown that there are currently exist less than 100 in the wild. Vaquitas look like a smaller version of a dolphin with a distinguish face that measures 4-5 feet. These dolphin like creatures are shy and are rarely seen in the waters; and if they are seen they are spotted dead inside fishermen nets. The population of Vaquita has declined by 18.5 percent over the past years. If fishermen don’t stop using their nets in the Gulf of Mexico, Vaquita’s would become extinct in the next four years. One-fifth of Vaquita’s habitat is protected but pictures have shown that over 90 fishing vessels have been reported to use fishing nets in this area. In order to stop Vaquita’s distinction, fishing nets must beillegal andthere should be an increase in the number of boats patrolling their habitat.

Werid Dolphin


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