California begins to take tougher approach to curtail water use

By: Mercedes Pliego California rain 0409.jpg

In California state officials weigh drastic measures to deal with a devastating drought. State regulators are naming and shaming local water departments that have let water wasters slide and are forcing agencies to slash water use by as much as a third. The regulators claim it is necessary as the state’s reservoirs and snow packs reach record lows.

The drought does not have a clear end in sight, but it is up to hundreds of local agencies, from small irrigation districts to the city of Los Angeles, to make sure California has enough water to power through it. In  response, state regulators have drafted plans that show how much each community has conserved and assign mandatory water reduction targets. A third of the water departments must make the deepest 35 percent cuts because they have high water use. The city of Los Angeles will have to cut its water use by a fifth. Those who do not meet the targets or take steps to conserve face $10,000-per-day fines if they do not adopt new water restrictions or change rates as demanded by the state. Source:

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