Help the Ocean: Stop using Microbeads

Tiago Rachelson:

New studies have shown that the microbeads that exist in our favorite body products, such as soaps, scrubs, exfoliates, can be dangerous for marine life. 8 trillion microbeads a day are released into our water systems. The microbeads are advertised as being sensational to the skin, but their main use is for making the products go down the drain more easily. They end up in the ocean and contribute to the large microplastic debris that is being disposed in our seas. They are so mall, just 5 mm in width, it is extremely hard to clean them up. Scientists have called for a ban of these microbeads nationwide. So far Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Colorado are the only states who have made effective changes on this problem. So, what we can do is stop using these products. Yes, they can be “sensational” to the face and what not, but if the fish eat the plastic debris, this problem becomes a bio accumulating one. We eat the fish, and now we are eating the plastic. Win-lose-lose.


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