Jeb Bush- Republican who cares for environment?

Tiago Rachelson:

Republican GOP primary and possible front runner Jeb Bush, brother of former president George W. Bush and son of former president George H. Bush, has come forth and proposed an energy plan for an eventual election in office. Energy and the Environmental Issues of the world are usually unpopular among conservatives and Republicans. However, this runner has spoke loud and clear about his thoughts. “As president, I would approve the XL pipeline, for crying out loud. That is the lowest hanging fruit,” said Bush.

“Keystone XL is a proposed tar sands pipeline that would connect Alberta, Canada with Gulf Coast refineries that would carry 800,000 barrels per day of tar sands oil across the United States to be refined, exported and burned.” ( 

Many environmentalists who disagree with the pipeline say that it hurts the neighborhoods severely where the pipeline would be, but Bush says that this plan could create thousands of jobs. He also says with all of his energy ideas, he can create up to a million jobs. Governor Bush is all about utilizing natural gas and crude oil, which he hopes he can lift the ban off on foreign policy.

“We need to embrace energy revolution. We have it in our midst,” he told the audience, which was gathered under a tent outside as heavy rain poured down around it.

Part of that revolution, he has argued in the past, includes new advances in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.  

He is really enthusiastic when it comes to capitalism, because this allows Americans to control what they want to do on their land. AP_jeb_bush_2_jt_150218_12x5_1600

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