The Connection Between Cleaner Air and Longer Lives

23UP-Pollution-ss-slide-2827-jumboIn the 1970s, it was concluded that Los Angeles was considered “the smog capital of the world.” It was then concluded, that the people inhabiting Los Angeles during this time were suffering of heart problems and shortened lifespans. During the time that this was discovered, The Clean Air Act was passed in hopes of uplifting the quality of the air that we breathe. Having research done, it was found that The Clean Air Act has prevented premature deaths that are caused from heart issues. Observing the life expectancies of people from Los Angeles, it was discovered that since The Clean Air Act was imposed, the average life expectancy of a person living in Los Angeles has increased by a year and 8 months. In addition, people living in New York and Chicago gained 2 years. In addition, it is said that a child born in Steubenville, Ohio today  is expected to live 5 years longer than if he were born before 1970.

The Clean Air Act was not the only cause for the added life expectancies, but it was definitely major cause for it. In China, where the environment is at an extremely bad state, the government had seen the need for reform because of the fact that the environment has gone to such extreme bad measures. Because of these steps taken to take a stand to prevent further destruction of the environment, hundreds of millions of life years were saved. Lastly, the United States needs to try to disregard the costs of the programs that help the environment, but consider that they truly will make a difference.

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