Scientists build ‘Frozen Zoo’ to save endangered species – Chad Serrate

The University of Georgia’s Regenerative Bio-science Center is building what they are calling a “Frozen Zoo”. This genetic storage shelter will save a vast amount of species ranging and starting with Big Cats, to any other animal. To gather the stem cells, scientists complete a noninvasive procedure by extracting cells on the skin of the animal. The cells are then converted to stem cells by introducing a special gene. From this point, the sperm or eggs can be produced. In my opinion, this is a major breakthrough in genetics and if successful, will play a major role with the rebirth of endangered species. As this article mainly focuses on Big Cats, the Florida Panther is looking as a significant animal to which will be reborn. This will completely transform our world and animals if successful to give life back to each struggling species.

Clouded Leopard Moby

Clouded Leopard Moby

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