India Making Some Moves, Son!

Tiago Rachelson:

“India, the world’s third biggest greenhouse gas emitter, has pledged to source 40% of its electricity from renewable and other low-carbon sources by 2030.” India has now made a huge move as a developing country. It is still a large economy, and it is now the last economy to make a change to its carbon emissions. India is projected to hit 1.45 Billion people by 2028, so it is really important that they start making changes. India will focus on solar power and planting forests to absorb carbon emissions before 2030.

The leader of environental action in India said “The developed world must take moral responsibility for the state of the world today. The pope has also mentioned that the huge consumption of the developed world has repercussions on the developing world.”


I believe it’s too late, but better late than ever. On the concept of sustainability, which means the ability to meet ones needs without depleting the needs of the future, India has started to engage in this idea. Ghandi has said ,”Earth has enough resources to meet people’s needs, but will never have enough to satisfy people’s greed.”

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