The battle to save Sumarta’s elephants from extinction

Gaby Puig;

The problem between the people of Indonesia and the elephants has been long occurring. The people are killing elephants left and right in order to keep their crops and homes safe. As a result of the killing for the reasons stated above, there has been an 80% population decrease. For example in Riau Providence, the elephant population decreased from 1,342 to 201 from 1981 to 2007. Another major reason for the killing of elephants was because of the the fight over land. Because the land elephants inhabit is extremely good for farming, people feel the need to tear down a lot of the rain forest and make room to plant their crops. The growing populations of elephants, however, is a major problem in places like Indonesia. They are considered, right now, as the earth’s largest land mammal, and therefore need a great amount of space to inhabit. If people of Indonesia continue tearing down their habitats, the elephants will have to retort to moving to farms and villages in search of food.

Another reason why some people see the elephants as a threat is because one of the elephant’s major food sources is the heart of the palm and in order for them to get it they have to knock down the palm tree which is a very vital crop to a farmer. Because the elephants become desperate for food, they go to any measures to tear down the trees so that they can eat.

Because humans are extremely defenseless towards the elephants, they go about killing them by poisoning them. However, many people see the elephants as very sacred to them but only kill them because they believe that killing only one elephant won’t cause harm. But in reality, it all eventually starts adding up. With people killing “one” elephant left and right, it leads to a greater problem of extinction.

Because this is becoming a major problem, what needs to be done, is that the people need to stop tearing down the habitats of the elephants and learn to be more mindful of what they are doing.

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