Solar Panel Taking Over Farms in Cali


Rajkovich’s Almond/Solar Panels

Nico Balarezo:

Nick Rajkovich, a California almond farmer, is revolutionizing farming itself. Due to the drought that California is currently going through, many of the farmlands are dry and becoming less and less fertile each day. Several years ago, Rajkovich bought 1,200 acres of land for his almonds in Fresno, California.

Unfortunately, the drought was preventing the almonds from growing, which is his only source of income. He stated that, “We don’t think we’re ever getting water back there”. So Rajkovich turned directly to “solar farming”. He let the government of California place HUGE solar panels on his land. This land is perfect because it is full of salt/sodium which could eventually provide 5 more gigawatts of solar energy. Solar farming doesn’t pay much and not even close to almond farming, but it is the best option for him to pay of the loans of the land. Rajkovich found this to be a good idea because California just established a law which requires half of all electricity to come from renewable sources like solar and wind by 2030. Obviously, this is a great start. Many other farmers in California began to do this as well. Also, farmers in Georgia and South Carolina have joined as well. I believe this is a fantastic option to stop relying on fossil fuels and focus on clean, renewable energy.

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