Why was Hurricane Patricia record breaking?

The record-breaking hurricane shocked all scientist who study storm surges and surpassed all expectations. The hurricane Patricia  grew especially stronger before hitting Mexico’s coastline. Although it’s strength decreased before hitting land. The big question was what caused its record-breaking state? The problem is there is no single answer. The cause of the Hurricane Patricia was compared to the board game clue by Gabriel Vecchi, head of the climate variations and predictability group at the geophysical fluid dynamics laboratory of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Princeton, N.J. He stated “The key is to go and systematically figure out who was where and when, so we can exclude people or phenomena.” Furthermore he compared the board game to the hurricane by he stating that criminal suspects could work together as accomplices, and there could be a character not yet known. And, as in all mysteries, “You can have a twist ending.” The many factors being considered are; “The Blob” a warm water sector on the coast of North America, a the long-term process of  Pacific Decadal Oscillation(cooling and heating phase) which is linked to El Nino, also climate change/global warming is affecting the ocean. The main point of this is that they are all occurring simultaneously.

We must see this crisis as a “wake-up call,”. Dr.Bond “We have a real chance with this kind of event to see what’s going to happen, and show folks, ‘Hey, this is the consequence of messing around with the climate.’ ” It is very important for people to understand the cause of the Hurricane is rooted in human activity.


Andrea Gonzalez

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