Changes in public transportation are said to be implemented to make Mexico City more sustainable

With the new investment to modernize and expand Metrobús, Mexico City is making high quality sustainable mobility a reality for its residents. Photo by Taís Policanti/EMBARQ Mexico.

photo by: Tais Policanti/EMBARQ Mexico.

Patricio Salvidea:

Mexico City has faced drastic problems due to over population in the recent years. Challenges include: transport congestion and mobility through public transportation. Currently, Mexico City has done a lot to improve these difficulties in public transportation. Since 2005 a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) known as Metrobuses has been put into effect and accounts for more than 57% of public transportation. This has helped with congestion and has made public transportation more efficient.

The Metrobus though effective faces some drawbacks that need much needed improvement. These Metrobuses are unregulated, inefficient, and a major source of pollution. As a result, the City has partnered with a private corporation known as EMBARQ Mexico. They have agreed to begin a sustainability project estimated at $150 million pesos to improve the quality and reduce the emission effects of the Metrobuses. The new and improved sustainable buses will reduce the air population and rid of the 122,000 carbon dioxide emissions. This will be beneficial for public transportation and for the public health of the City. Thanks to this project we will have a healthier Mexico.

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