STONEHENGE begins to reveals hidden secrets

Andrea Gonzalez:

Stonehenge is located in Amesbury, England(Southern England). Last month in the archeologists most recent excavation just a mile away from Stonehenge, in a site called Black Mead. Some major discoveries were made. The excavation was 23 feet wide and 40 feet long and it could be imagined as a trench. The archeologists discovered a hearth(fire place floor)with pieces of heat cracked flint(a hard gray rock), specs of bone, pieces of flint that were used for arrowheads, remains of several cutting tools, ocher pods(which may have been used as a pigment). The ocher pods were most likely used in clay because it produces a pigment of different colors from yellow to red. The different things found are estimated to date back to 4300BC. The archeologist in charge, Mr.Jacques strongly believes the discovery is linked to the story of Stonehenge. Mr.Jacques stated “This is the first unknown chapter of Stonehenge.”
Ever since I had the opportunity to visit Stonehenge and I heard some of the theories about the stones I became very interested. I believe the discovery will end some theories such as the alien theory and it will also open new possibilities.

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