2 Countries Reveal How Divided the World Is on Climate Change.

Victoria Valdes

Costa Rica’s largest source of electricity, which relies almost entirely on hydropower, can go months without burning any fossil fuels. However, because the country is so small it isn’t making as big of an impact as it wants to the global warming situation. It is among a few countries around the world trying to make some sort of impact to eliminate the production of greenhouse gases.

On the other side of the globe, Australia is a different story. They are a country rich in coal which is one of the reasons they produce a lot of carbon dioxide which puts them almost at the same level as the United States. Australia does not have as much ambition as Costa Rica or the United States to eliminate their production of greenhouse gases.

More countries need to follow Costa Rica’s example in cutting down on their greenhouse gas uses. Even though Costa Rica is trying, every country needs to eliminate their use of these harmful gases because our environment is taking a great hit and is effecting the globe’s life expectancy.


Picture of Costa Rica



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