UFO Clouds over Cape Town, South Africa

Nico Balarezo:

The legislative capital of South Africa had a huge surprise on Nov, 10, 2015. Huge clouds that looked identical to UFOs appeared unexpectedly. Luckily, or from what we know, these are not UFOs. These clouds are called lenticuar clouds. These clouds usually form around high altitudes, this is why they formed in Cape Town’s Table Mountain. According to ScienceAlert, these clouds are formed when:

“Once stable moist air passes over a mountain or mountain range, large-scale standing waves sometimes take shape on the downwind side. From the crest of these waves, lenticular clouds may form, with moisture condensing in the shape of these distinctive circular plumes.” (Peter Dockrill, ScienceAlert).

But, these clouds don’t always look like UFOs, which is why their appearance is very rare. The clouds can also be “wide and flat” or “stout and condensed”. Many scientists have explained that due to the shape of these clouds, most UFO sightings have been due to these clouds. A man also said they look like “tornadoes in pause mode”.

Time lapse of the formation of a lenticular cloud: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3312742/UFOs-Cape-Town-Stunning-new-images-lenticular-clouds-baffled-residents.html#v-2448972849001

Link to Article: http://www.sciencealert.com/these-spectacular-clouds-over-cape-town-aren-t-ufos-but-they-are-out-of-this-world

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