Global temperature hike already halfway to ‘two degree warming’ limit

Chad Serrate:

Data released yesterday shows that Earth is halfway to the ‘two degree warming’ limit or limit of controllable change.

Superlatives for the month of October include-

–the warmest October ever observed (in 136 years of NOAA records)

— the warmest month ever compared to average (out of 1,630 months)

— the sixth consecutive month breaking a global temperature record

— seven of the 10 warmest months have occurred in 2015

To summarize, 2015 will be the warmest year on record beating out last year… As El Nino has helped significantly, the trend still continues to become warmer and warmer.

If we go over this set limit, impacts include size increase of US wildfires, drop in freshwater, more intense hurricanes, increase risk in species extinction and more Arctic ice melting.


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