Why climate deal is everyone’s business

Gaby Puig:

With 190 different countries meeting next week to negotiate climate change, they will consider both scientific and political realities. In order to fully receive a better understanding of climate change, they will choose to focus on climate change’s effect on a girl name Mathilda who is living in one of the poorest parts of Kenya.

Due to rising temperatures, water is becoming harder and harder to find in Kenya. As a result, Mathilda, along with her classmates, have to take time during their school day to go looking for water. In addition, they also have to spend most of their time out of school looking for water, leaving very little time for studying.

This story of Mathilda further shows how climate change is severely affecting the rights of indigenous people. So with this story in mind, when the countries meet in Paris, they will be constructing a treaty in order to ensure rights for indigenous people and the rest of those affected by climate change.


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