The Mystery of Greenland’s disappearing lakes FOUND


Andrea Gonzalez:

Geoscientist have finally uncovered a decade long mystery! The mystery is based on the very large lakes that are located on top of Greenland’s ice sheet that are draining billions of gallons of water in a matter of just minutes. For example, Greenland’s North lake a 2.2 square mile glacial lake drained about 12 billions gallons of water in a matter of just 2 hours.A study was published two years after this and  researchers came to the conclusion that the phenomenon is most likely due to giant “hydro-fractures”( cracks in the ice due to water) which form directly beneath the lake and stretch down to the bed of the ice sheet, in turn emptying the lake of water. But this not what geoscientist starved to solve, they wanted to know how these factors developed.

The mystery was solved on June 3rd, 2015 when a new study was released to prove that the hydro- fractures were made from stress caused movements from the ice sheets. The movements come from trickling melting water (billions of gallons).

Overall, helps scientist better understand how quickly ice sheets flow during the summer.

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