2015 is heated!

Nicolas Balarezo:

NASA have just released information that 2015, specifically October (so far), has been the hottest year in the United States in over 135 years! The heat is a sign of both the steady upward march of global temperature from warming as well as the strong El Nino boosting global heat this year. These are the main causes of the heat that we felt when Miami was supposed to be going through its “Winter”.

Oct 2015 world temperature graphIt has been estimated that the average weather has gone up 1-2 degrees Celsius. The NOAA, has released that October of 2015 has been the 6th month in a row to reach spiking temperatures. El Nino is causing the waters to become a lot warmer and not only that, but La Nina, which is supposed to be colder, has started to reach the temperatures of El Nino. This is all because of the excess heat trapped in the atmosphere from the accumulation of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. Gavin Schmidt, director of NASA’s Goddard Institutes of Space, has said that there is a 99.9% chance that 2015 will beat 2014 as the hottest year!


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