Climate Change is ‘Single Biggest Threat’ to Polar Bears

Delaney Reynolds


According to the newest study by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, global warming is now the single most important threat to the survival of the polar bear with retreating sea ice set to extinguish populations. It is predicted that by 2050, 30% of the world’s polar bear population will decrease.

The latest projections show that most of the Arctic could be ice-free for five months of the year, or more, by the middle of this century. Three of 19 species of polar bear population groups are already in decline. Other than taking away polar bears’ homes, warming temperatures can also increase diseases among the polar bears’ food supply, decreasing the amount of food that polar bears receive.

In one Canadian town, Churchill, polar bears have begun to come into conflict with humans. In Churchill, the ice season has fallen by about one day per year over the last three decades meaning that the length of the ice season is continually decreasing.

Churchill is has had to start implementing tactics to keep their citizens safe through the use of scare guns to keep the bears away from the perimeter because recently two people were mauled. They were mauled because of the polar bears’ lack of food that is caused by global warming.


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