Hot Oceans Are Killing Coral Reefs Around The World

In these past years climate change has been causing major damage to coral reefs. This year along record high temperatures and El Niño have combined and caused coral reefs to be die at an alarming rate. The temperatures have gotten so high that it has become impossible for coral reefs to sustain the algae that support them causing them to turn bone white. Coral has been dying off everywhere from the Caribbean to Hawaii to the Indian Ocean’s Coral Triangle. Although coral reefs only make up 0.1% of the world’s oceans they are an extremely vital part of it. Reefs support about a quarter of the all marine species. Reefs are also important to about 500 million people who rely on them for fisheries and tourism. The bleaching around Hawaii has been especially alarming with more than a third of the island chain’s coral facing bleaching since 2014 , including areas that have never seen bleaching occur before. The coordinator of NOAA’s Coral Reef Watch, Mark Eakin, said that by the end of the year more than 60 percent of the state’s corals could die-off. By the end of this year, 95 percent of the corals in the U.S. are expected to be exposed to bleaching. What worries most people is that the issue seems to be getting worse and not better. Climate might have been the hottest on record in 2015 but 2016 is expected to be even hotter which is extremely alarming for the Coral bleaching situation.


I think this is proof of why it’s important to take care of the Earth and talk about Global Warming in a more cause and effect way. When people talk about climate change they usually think about what is going to happen without realizing that the effects of climate change are occurring right now.  This is proof of the fact that we need to change the way we are treating the Earth right now as the effects are not only damaging but irreversible.

Fabiana Lacau

Live Science, Hot Oceans Are Killing Coral Reefs Around The World: Brihan


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