Racing Extinction: Feedback

Nico Balarezo:

Racing Extinction was by far the best documentary that I have every watched in my life. It focuses on two major issues: climate change & endangered species trade. One of the main animals that this film focuses on are sharks. This animal extremely interested me because in the film, they don’t only say that this is happening; but instead, they go behind the scenes and show us through secret cameras what these animals go through. Millions, billions, of shark fins all laid out on several rooftops. All this to make shark fin soup. They also show what they do to the shark. They cut off every fin on the poor animal and drop them in the ocean to die. The animal cant do anything. He remains lying on the ocean floor till his death comes.

Another animal that really impacted me were the manta rays. These animals cause absolutely no harm. They are beautiful creatures who are removed from their habitat and they remove their gills to “cure cancer”. This is all fake. It started as a “folklore” according to a Chinese man.

Not only were there bad sides in the documentary but there were also good sides. It also shows the work being done to restore these species. They use a process called catch shares.

According to Environmental Defense Fund: Catch shares are a type of management system that dedicates a secure share of fish or fishing area, The Empire State Building in New York is lit up with images of endangered individual fishermen, communities or fishery associations. Each year, the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) also known as a “catch limit” is set with portions of the limit divided among fishery participants.


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