Protect the environment: Eat these animals!

Gaby Puig:

'Spicy lionfish' from REEF's Lionfish Cookbook

The lionfish, having very few predators, have the tendency or capacity to wipe out 90% of native species. Their invasive nature is severely affecting the ecosystems an leave environmentalists with a huge burden to take care of.

Specifically in Florida, where the lionfish population is the highest, locals are reacting to this problem by making the effort to consume them in order to reduce their numbers. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has been trying to urging fishermen and traders to participate by catching as many lionfish as possible. Many scientists have concluded that consuming these invasive species is a lot safer than mass poisioning ways that can also kill off native species.  Many environmentalists believe that this approach will have a huge impact in stabilizing the ecosystem.

Invasive species are affecting not only Florida but many other places worldwide. Because invasive species are doing away with so many native species worldwide, is the reason why such actions such as consuming invasive species has to be taken. Lastly, in order to promote and encourage people to be enticed by the lionfish dish, they are constantly formulating wide ranges of recipes to cook the lionfish.

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