More efficient Water Bottle!

Nicolas Montana:


Most of us are aware of the hazardous chemicals from plastic water bottles, and yet there is still multiple people in this school that use plastic bottles. Regardless, there is so many options to replace the plastic water bottle. So, then the question becomes which is the most efficient sustainable water bottle? With all the brands and advertisements throwing their product at you, it is hard to choose.

The Ecocanteen is the most effective, and sustainable water bottle. It is BPA, PVC free, like the rest of the eco-friendly water bottles. But it has other important qualities, that are unique to the Ecocanteen. It is reusable, recyclable, and every part of it. Including the plastic cap. Which is why it is more efficient.

It is important to take note that we live in a period where we like to think we are aware of what we can do to help, and better the environment. So even by doing one little thing, like replacing our water bottles can make a huge difference.




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