Stick to Sushi Fam

Tiago Rachelson:

Japan has came out and put a new limit on the number of minke whales that they kill each year: 333.

333 whales is a ton! About 2,664 tons to be precise. Minke whales are small whales that are about 32 feet in size, the length of a school bus. They are killed all the time, if you consider that they kill a whale every 23 and a half hours out of 365 days. Whaling is for lamp oil and even food for some sushi plates and Japan. These whales aren’t officially labeled as endangered because there is “insufficient data” on how many minke whales there are in the world.

As a whale lover, I encourage the Obama Administration to make serious changes to foreign whaling affairs. The Obama Administration I think has been a little unresponsive towards this issue and I think it might be because of the trading and good relationship that goes on between Japan and the US and I’m sure Obama is thinking long term in this situation, and unfortunately it is costing the whales.


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