Diesel is not a sustainable supplement!

Patricio Salvidea:



As you all may or may not know, diesel fuel is supposed to be a proper supplement for gasoline. The main reason, besides the fact that it produces less emissions, is that it is cheaper than regular octave gasoline. The reason being, that is helping the environment, therefore, it should be less expensive.

This all sounds great and a lasting supplement on the surface, but the fact of the matter is that it is not.  Diesel fuel is beginning to become a non-worthy supplement because of the higher amount of diesel-fueled automobiles in Europe. Being that the fuel is not naturally refined, diesel powered cars can produce multiple pollutants. These include: Nitrogen compounds, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide and dioxide.

It is evident because Volkswagen Europe “fiddled” with their data in September. They made it appear that 11 million diesel-powered cars met the emission standards, when in reality they did not.

Ultimately, we are going to have to find another more sustainable source of fuel to supplement for the oil-refined gasoline.




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