New Clean Diesel?!

Researchers have developed a diesel that emits ALOT less CO2 into the atmosphere. A new approach to making fuels results in much cleaner diesel. For many years scientist believed that for the production of diesel fuel to be more efficient and quicker, the metal and the solid- state acid, which are inside of a catalyst (needed to make diesel) must be placed as close together as possible. In order for the metal and solid- state acid to bounce of of each other. However, Professor Martens and Professor Jong discovered that this belief is in fact incorrect. They discovered that if the functions of catalyst (metal and solid state acid) are placed farther apart the production of fuel is much cleaner because the process creates better molecules.

Once the professors came to the conclusion they were very surprised!”Our results are the exact opposite of what we had expected. At first, we thought that the samples had been switched or that something was wrong with our analysis,” says Professor Martens. “We repeated the experiments three times, only to arrive at the same conclusion: the current theory is wrong. There has to be a minimum distance between the functions within a catalyst. This goes against what the industry has been doing for the past 50 years.”

The new process has many benefits, for example cars will emit much less CO2 and particles. Therefore,  factories/industries will adapt the new method. It is estimated that in 5 to 10 years the new fuel will be adapted.

Andrea Gonzalez

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