Iceberg lettuce

Tiago Rachelson:

Can icebergs show us climate change?

“Researchers examined 175 satellite photos of giant icebergs in the Southern Ocean which surrounds Antarctica and discovered green plumes stretching up to 1,000km behind them. The greener colour of the plumes is due to blooms of phytoplankton, which thrive on the iron and other nutrients shed by the icebergs.”

A lot of phytoplankton can produce carbon dioxide when they die, and that only helps the climate change out.

“If giant iceberg calving increases this century as expected, this negative feedback on the carbon cycle may become more important than we previously thought,” said one of the professors, Grant Bigg, who led the expedition.

Climate change is happening faster than we think, and eventually could wipe out all the ice on the poles in the next coming centuries. That would lead to a tremendous rise in sea level, submerging so many cities.

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