Ice Age 5: Dawn of Global Warming.. coming to theaters near you!

Tiago Rachelson:article-1342105325133-14059838000005dc-598560_636x300.jpg

New research from the Potsdam institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany has came out and said that the next ice age will occur in the next 50,000 to 100,000 years. Good news right?


This basically means that humans have altered an entire glacial cycle from happening, prolonging it even further down the line. This is clearly a result of the man made carbon emissions that we’ve contrived in the last forty years. As we know, countries met last month in the COP21 to declare that the countries would remain under a 2 degree Celsius limit. Anything above this limit leads to sea level rise to the point where low islands will be submerged.

John Stutter, an environmental activist has said that we have evolved our research in this field, “But it should be said clearly that global warming is not a positive trend. This is not an excuse to pollute. As we pump carbon into the atmosphere at an alarming rate we are seriously jeopardizing the viability of the planet and putting ourselves in very real danger.”

All we can do now is reduce emissions, otherwise, we have to listen to Sid and Diego argue again.

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