Thank You El Niño

Nico Balarezo:

Tropical Storm Pali became Hurricane Pali due to El Nino. El Nino has caused the creation of the earliest hurricane ever recorded in the Centeral Pacific. Usually, the Pali_tmo_2016011hurricane season starts in May, but this is a huge exception. Due to El Nino’s warm water, it has boosted the Hurricane making it even stronger. Winds from the Madden-Julian Oscillation also had a big contribution to adding “spin” to the storm. Only three storms have ever been recorded in this winter time frame (January-March). Tropical Storm Pali was assigned the name of a Tropical Storm in January 7th. The storm was expected to weaken at a time. It did for a little, but then due to the wind it made it even stronger. Yesterday(Monday), it was considered a Hurricane due to the speed of the wind. Pali is expected to last until thursday where it will go down towards the Equator. This is said to be a “very unusual” path for a storm. Luckily, the storm is not a threat to any areas.


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