Elon Musk Scented Deodorant

Tiago Rachelson:

Elon Musk is a boss! Many people might never have heard of him, but he’s the guy who owns Space X, Paypal, SolarCity, and of course Tesla Motors. In a recent CNN interview, he said that the goal of Tesla from the start was to create a high-volume, low priced electric car that is sustainable for the environment. Although his Physics degree is shared with his Business degree, his business philosophies have not created an ego in his most well-known company, Tesla. In fact, he encourages other brands like GMC.

On the matter of solar energy, he says that people of the world will have to sacrifice the means of the present for the future too. For the obvious reason he says, that we are running out of fossil fuels.

He also is expanding SpaceX to Mars to grow habitable conditions for plants and animals.


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