Seafood restaurants moving towards sustainable fish!


Andrea Gonzalez Over the last 10 years restaurants in the United States have been striving towards more sustainable seafood, by selling and serving local and wild fish that are not endangered. For example, a restaurant in Brooklyn, New York named Greenpiont Fish and Lobster Company serves lion fish, blue catfish, and almaco jack instead of cod, a fish threatened by extinction. Furthermore, chefs and restaurant owners also benefit because since these “rare” fish are less in demand they are much less expensive. Chefs also state that working with rare ingredients “forces you to be creative.” The idea of sustainable fish has spread to local restaurants as well, such as ¬†“Beach Craft” in Miami Beach. Mr.Colicchio the restaurant owner stated that it has been a challenge because “being in a hotel people want the usual things”. The movement towards more sustainable seafood began in New York City and the process has changed restaurants way of thinking and said a restaurant owner in New York City “There aren’t any “trash fish”, just under-appreciated and unrecognized.”

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