Ocean Drive becomes Alive


Tiago Rachelson:

Miami Beach is globally known as a heaven on earth spot, and many of us have had the privilege of going ten, twenty times. Unfortunately, the spot can and eventually will be flooded at the end of the century. Some predictions list Miami Beach to be under six feet of water. Miami Beach has been at the front of the fights for climate change, with many planners trying to combat the issues of sea level rise. A CNN reporter interviewed Susanne Torriente, the assistant city manager of Miami Beach.

” Miami Beach [has] an aggressive stormwater program that includes installing pumps. … We’re installing these pumps that actually take the water and push it out. We’re elevating roads. We’re working on our seawalls. We have 63 miles of seawalls. Only three (miles) are actually public. But we’re looking at elevating those and restoring those,” said Torriente.

She also says that the city acknowledges the science behind the climate change but insists that her city is actively fighting the environmental changes.

She thinks that Marco Rubio’s comments on climate change are false, and that it exists, but still claims that Miami Beach is bipartisan on the issue. We need to fight these fights.


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